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BASF Master® Builders Solutions

The Master Builders Solutions brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction includes concrete admixtures, waterproofing solutions, concrete repair and protection solutions, performance grouts and performance flooring solutions. BASF Construction Chemicals division manufactures these construction products.

BASF Master Builders Solutions MasterSeal (Sonneborn)

MasterSeal® HLM 5000 Liquid, Cold-Applied Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane SystemThe Master Builders Solutions brand of products includes MasterSeal® waterproofing sealants, watertight deck membranes, and air/water-resistive barriers; and the MasterKure® curing agents for concrete.

Waterproofing MasterSeal HLM 5000 (Formerly: Sonoshield HLM 5000)
Dampproofing MasterSeal 610, 614, 615 (Formerly: Hydrocide 600, 700, 700B)
Concrete Finishing MasterKure HD 200WB (Formerly: Kure-N-Harden)
MasterKure HD 300WB (Formerly: Lapidolith)
Concrete Curing MasterKure
MasterKure CC 250SB (Formerly: Kure-N-Seal 25LV)
MasterKure CC 300SB (Formerly: Kure-N-Seal 30)
Joint Sealants MasterSeal NP 1 (Formerly: Sonolastic NP 1)Watch Application Video
MasterSeal NP 2 (Formerly: Sonolastic NP 2)Watch Application Video
MasterSeal SL 1 (Formerly: Sonolastic SL 1)
MasterSeal SL 2 (Formerly: Sonolastic SL 2)
MasterSeal NP 100Watch Application Video
MasterSeal NP 150 (Formerly: Sonolastic 150 VLM)
MasterSeal TX 1 (Formerly: Sonolastic TX 1)
MasterSeal CR 195 (Formerly: Sonolastic Ultra)
Primer MasterSeal P 173 (Formerly: Sonolastic Primer 733)Watch Application Video
Traffic Coatings MasterSeal Traffic 1500 (Formerly: Sonoguard)
MasterSeal 658 (Formerly: Tuf-Trac)

BASF Master Builders Solutions MasterProtect (Hydrozo)

MasterProtect® H 200 Clear, Water-Based, 20% Silane Penetrating SealerMaster Builders Solutions construction products include MasterProtect® penetrating water repellent sealers, to protect commercial buildings from water and chloride intrusion. These high-performance, clear, water-based silane/siloxane systems are designed for vertical concrete, brick and other masonry surfaces. Advantages include providing for the highest degree of water repellency, VOC compliant, environmentally friendly, breathable, does not alter surface appearance, and is easy to apply. Penetrating water repellent products are specifically designed for various concrete and masonry surfaces and environmental conditions. Applications include horizontal surfaces used on stadium floors, food courts, plazas, parking garages and other interior/exterior applications.

Penetrating / Water-Based Sealers MasterProtect H 200 (Formerly: Enviroseal 20)
MasterProtect H 400 (Formerly: Enviroseal 40)Watch Application Video
MasterProtect H 107 (Formerly: Enviroseal 7)
MasterProtect H 177 (Formerly: Enviroseal Double 7 for Brick)Watch Application Video
Solvent Based Sealers MasterProtect H 440VT (Formerly: Hydrozo Clear 40 VOC)
MasterProtect H 440HZ (Formerly: Hydrozo Silane 40 VOC)
100% Silane Sealers MasterProtect H 1000 (Formerly: Hydrozo 100)
Graffiti Repellant MasterPel®

BASF Master Builders Solutions MasterProtect (Thoro)

MasterEmaco® A 660 Water-Based Acrylic Bonding and Modifying AdmixtureThe Master Builders Solutions brand of construction products includes the MasterProtect line of high-build acrylic coatings, elastomeric waterproof coatings, cement-based waterproof coatings (both for positive and negative side), concrete-repair patching compounds, concrete underlayments, plasters and stucco, and water repellents, water repellents, stains and paints, patching compounds.

Maintenance of Concrete MasterEmaco® A 660 (Formerly: Acryl 60)
Concrete & Masonry Coating MasterProtect HB 400 (Formerly: Thorocoat)Watch Application Video
MasterProtect FL 749 (Formerly: Thoro Block Filler)
Elastomeric Coating MasterProtect EL 750 (Formerly: Thorolastic)Watch Application Video
MasterProtect EL 750AA (Formerly: Thorolastic A+)
Cementitious Waterproofing MasterSeal® 582 (Formerly: Thoroseal Foundation Coating)
Concrete Rehabilitation MasterEmaco N 426 (Formerly: Thorite Rapid Vertical)
Steel Reinforcement Primer & Bonding Agent MasterEmaco P 124 (Formerly: Emaco P24)Watch Application Video
Waterproof Coating MasterProtect C 350
Traffic Repair Mortars MasterEmaco T 1060 (Formerly: 10-60 Rapid Mortar)Watch Application Video
MasterEmaco T 545 (Formerly: Set 45)Watch Application Video
Product Selector Guide [PDF] BASF Master Builders Solutions Repair Mortar Product Selector Guide 4-6-17

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Multi-Story concrete building under construction using Master Builders Solutions products
Master® Builders Solutions
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