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Tapes, Tools and Accessories


Foam & Glazing Tapes, Industrial & Packaging Tapes

Whether your application calls for conventional or specially engineered tapes, you will find the best tape for your project at Atlas Supply. Atlas Supply has a full range of foam and glazing, industrial and packaging tapes from which to choose.

Closed-cell copolymer foam glazing tapes by Arlon

These tapes are coated on both sides with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for optimum compatibility to a variety of sash materials. These tapes are constructed with a patented cellular structured form that is particularly resistant to weathering and water absorption, while providing a superior long-lived seal.

Vinyl series foam tapes by Gaska

Includes double faced glazing tapes with medium, heavy, or light density; cape tape used for an economical seal between pickup truck caps and body side rails; low compression tapes used as an excellent alternative to low permeability urethane where long product life is critical; fire retardant tapes.

High strength closed cell polyethylene and polyurethane tapes by Gaska

These tapes exhibit a smooth surface and excellent compression recovery properties. Excellent choice for light duty cushioning or vibration dampening.

Polymeric series tapes by Gaska

These special formulation tapes are easily flexed and compressed and exhibit excellent conformability.

Single sided adhesive polyvinyl chloride foam tapes by Norton

Closed cell foam tapes in medium and firm densities with pressure sensitive adhesive for easy placement during assembly operations. Applications include modular walls, corrugated panel and lap joints, die cut gaskets, vehicle overlap seals, truck trailer joint seals, door frame assemblies, concrete forms, appliance seals, duct seals and many more industrial and construction applications.

Double-sided adhesive polyvinyl chloride foam tapes by Norton

These closed cell, double-sided adhesive tapes are excellent for glazing of joints with high movement. Available with either paper or polyethylene liners. Applications include using as a exterior glazing sealant for metal wood and vinyl sash systems, marine glazing, vibration dampening and many more industrial and marine sealant applications.

Double-sided acrylic adhesive polyurethane mounting tapes by Norton

The foam properties these tapes exhibit dissipate vibrations and distribute stress forces while the adhesive maintains a durable bond. The conformability of these pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive tapes mounting tapes promotes maximum surface contact with less distortion, thus providing superior adhesive wet-out and bond. Industrial applications include retail packaging, circuit board mounts, signs, security pads, wire/cable mounts, appliance emblems. Construction bonding applications include mirror mounting, wall displays, interior trim and ornamentation, tiles and panels, kick panels, etc.

Butyl rubber spacer rod glazing and architectural sealant tapes by PTI

These tapes incorporate a continuous spacer rod within the tape height to transfer wind loads from glass to sash. Recommended for tape glazing from interior or exterior store-fronts. Also recommended for use in high rise curtainwall glazing for the interior (stick or stack construction), high performance metal panel seals, and all insulated glass units.

Industrial & packaging tapes by IPG (Intertape)

These tapes cover a full range of industrial applications that consist of tapes for masking, strapping, duct, and carton sealing.

A full range of industrial and packaging tapes by Polyken

This line of tapes consists of cloth duct tapes, foil tapes, splicing tapes, aerospace tapes, military specification tapes, convention-gaffers tapes, asbestos abatement tapes, appliance tapes, screen printing tapes, and miscellaneous tapes for general purpose applications.

Tools and Accessories

Caulking Guns, Trade Tools, Equipment & Accessories

Metering, mixing, dispensing, pumping, and finishing tools and equipment. Albion® and Cox™/MK™-brand caulking guns (bulk, sausage, cordless, pneumatic, manual, single/dual component) for sealant and adhesive, caulking cutters, diamond blades, abrasives, hot-melt dispensing equipment, Marshalltown® trowels, squeegees, rollers, brushes, Allway Tools® professional paint sundry tools, and other miscellaneous trade tools and equipment. Whatever tool you need to get the job done right, Atlas Supply can provide it or help you find it.

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