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Epro Composite Waterproofing & Vapor Intrusion Systems

EPRO is an internationally recognized manufacturer of below-grade waterproofing systems and above grade water repellent sealers for the commercial construction industry. Offering cost effective and high performance protection for the waterproofing industry, you are assured to find a solution to your waterproofing problem. Products available include:

New Commercial Below Grade Waterproofing Systems e.shield (Ecoshield-E) Sheet Membrane
e.drain (Ecodrain-E) Drainage Composite
e.roll (Ecoline-R) Liquid Applied Membrane
e.spray (Ecoline-S) Spray Applied Membrane
New Commercial Above Grade Water Repellent Sealers ECOSIL Water Sealer
EPROSIL Water Sealer

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings. Please call if you do not see what you are looking to find, (800) 347-5767.

Workers spray apply EPRO e.spray membrane Commercial Below Grade Waterproofing System.