SustainaBLOCK™ Setting Blocks

Designed with Tomorrow in Mind. The SustainaBLOCK™ product line offers a wide variety of material options including the latest in stable silicone technology for total system compatibility. With today’s demand for sustainable design, high-performance glazing components and sealants must work symbiotically like never before. SustainaBLOCKs meet this demand in a variety of sizes, profiles and materials.

  • Superior durability.
  • U.V. resistant.
  • Compatible with most sealants.
  • 85 ± 5 durometer hardness as standard. Other durometers available.
  • Standard color: Light Green. Color options are available.
  • Full capability of custom profiles available.


For use in a wide range of glazing applications in the construction industry to position, cushion, and support glass in the window frame or opening. SustainaBLOCKs should be placed at quarter points of the opening and in accordance with Industry Glazing guidelines (IGMA Glazing Guidelines: www.igmaonline.org or GANA Glazing Manual: www.glasswebsite.com).

Material offerings:

SustainaBLOCKs can be produced in silicone rubber and a wide variety of plastics. Other material options and custom designs are available. Available with or without adhesive. Please contact Edgetech’s Customer Service for your specific design needs: 1.800.233.4383.


Compatible with most sealant types. Offers chemical resistance, color stability and UV resistance (job specific testing prior to start up is recommended with each sealant manufacturer).


SustainaBLOCKs are packaged 500 or 1,000 pieces per box. Minimum order: 500 pc/per part number. Volume discounts available. Call 1.800.233.4383 for quote. Continuous roll, bulk pack or other packaging options are available.

Sustaina BLOCK drawing, setting block

Last Modified: July 27, 2017