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Sealants & Adhesives

Construction Sealants & Caulks, Parking Deck & Pavement Sealants, Glazing & IG Sealants, Industrial Sealants, Backer Rod

Atlas Supply is your leading Northwest supplier of engineered sealants for construction, curtainwall, glazing, marine, building maintenance, and industrial applications. All sealant and caulk colors, textures, material types and container sizes are available from our convenient Seattle, Tacoma, Mountlake Terrace, Portland, Spokane & Boise locations. You will also find the expertise for helping you select the correct sealant, caulk or backer rod to meet your specific requirements, all available in a range of colors and package sizes from 10 ounce (oz) tubes; 20 oz sausages; 2 & 5 gallon pails; & 55 gallon drums.

Silicone Construction Sealants by DOWSIL™

First introduced in 1977, DOWSIL silicone Building Sealants have long been the industry’s choice for sealing glass and metal in structural glazing applications, as well as weatherproofing. In addition, these high performance, engineered silicone sealants are popular for perimeter sealing, weatherproofing and well suited for a variety of other applications. DOWSIL offers silicone construction sealants specially formulated for stone curtainwall, and masonry construction including in expansion and control joints, pre-cast concrete panel joints, and curtainwall and mullion joints as well. These silicone sealants are virtually unaffected by sunlight, ozone, rain, snow or temperature extremes. They stay flexible and maintain adhesion even while being stretched or compressed. They won’t chalk, crack or split. And, when properly installed, they have a life expectancy of 20 years or more of leak-free service.

Silicone Glazing and IG Sealants by DOWSIL

These high performance silicone glazing sealants combine the best performance characteristics of both DOWSIL’s high and low modulus building sealants that demonstrate: unprimed adhesion to most common construction materials; a physical property profile that is strong enough for structural and non-structural glazing with sufficient movement capability for most weatherproofing applications; excellent fire-resistant properties; long cure times for easy, convenient tooling; a non-corrosive by-product; a low odor while curing; and excellent weathering, durability and recovery after extension and compression. DOWSIL silicone insulating glass (IG) sealants come in one and two part formulas that exhibit excellent unprimed adhesion to uncoated glass, aluminum and galvanized steel, consistently non-slumping which permits automated glazing, excellent shelf life and easy tooling.

Silicone Glazing, Curtainwall & Structural Sealants

Choose from a wide variety of “application specific” silicone sealants that are impervious to ultraviolet light and extreme weather conditions that allow for extended life. These commercial grade silicone sealants are engineered and nationally tested for the most advanced building applications. They demonstrate unprimed adhesion to most common construction materials. These silicone sealants are available in one and two component formulas for your specific adhesion and curing requirements and are more than sufficient for the most stringent structural adhesive applications.

Silicone Parking Deck and Pavement Sealants by DOWSIL

The typical parking deck is a concrete structure under constant assault. DOWSIL brand Parking Structure Sealants perform years of extended service because they’re silicones that resist splitting, cracking or adhesion loss. They maintain elasticity for years. DOWSIL Parking Structure Sealants are available in non-sag, fast cure, and self-leveling formulas.

Construction Adhesives & Sealant Adhesives

One and Two Part Polyurethane, Elastomeric Sealant Adhesives

Designed for all types of joints in concrete, window and door frames, reglets, flashing and many other adhesive applications, these high performing polyurethane sealant adhesives come in one and two component formulas for both vertical non-sag and horizontal self leveling applications. Typical uses include sealing air ducts and high vacuum systems, sealing cover plates, gaskets and coverings, containers, tanks and silos, reservoirs or water retaining structures, aluminum fabrication and bolted lap joints.

Industrial & General Purpose Adhesives

Silicone and Polyurethane Industrial & General Purpose Sealant Adhesives

For general purpose bonding and sealing in harsh industrial environments, choose from a wide range of single component silicone and polyurethane sealant adhesives. All are easy to apply with various cure times for your particular tooling and set-up requirements. Industrial polyurethane sealant adhesives that are available in various bonding strengths from light to heavy duty applications. Popular in the transportation industry, these high performing sealant adhesives can replace rivets, screws, welds and other mechanical fasteners. Easy to apply, these materials seal and bond in one step.

Silicone Industrial Sealants by DOWSIL

Engineered for marine, manufacturing (OEM), and plant maintenance (MRO) applications that include general purpose sealing and bonding, solvent resistant, glass and metal bonding, heat resistant, oil resistant, electrical, plastic adhesion, non-corrosive, mildew resistant and multipurpose adhesion. These specialized silicone sealants are available in various cure rates and curing mechanisms, viscosities, and adhesion characteristics that perform in all kinds of industrial environments.

Polyurethane Construction Sealants by Sika

Used worldwide more than any other sealant, Sika polyurethane sealants are easy to use, long-lasting and versatile. They have wide-ranging applications in general building construction, parking garages, tunnels, pipes, and underground structures. In particular, Sika polyurethane sealants improve structural integrity, have exceptional adherence, resistance to tearing and weathering, and though available in a full range of colors, they are paintable for enhancing aesthetic appearance. These high performing polyurethane elastomeric sealants are available in a variety of one and two part formulas including non-sag, self-leveling and low modulus to meet your specific application.

Backer Rod by Nomaco

HBR® Closed cell backer rod in continuous lengths of extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam used as a backing material for elastomeric and other cold applied sealants; HBR-XL closed cell backer rod used with hot applied sealants; Sof-Rod™ back rod of extruded polyolefin foam with a nonabsorbing outer skin and a highly resilient interior network of open and closed cells which does not out-gas when ruptured; and Foam-Pak™ II open cell backer rod for basic Type-O, open cell sealant backing.

Polyurethane Adhesive Sealants for Transportation by Sika

Specially formulated high performance polyurethane adhesive sealants especially designed for the transportation industry. These specialized sealants include USDA, FDA, NSF International and potable water approved sealants for general purpose bonding, versatile fast cure sealant-adhesives for light bonding applications, high strength performance adhesive-sealants, low modulus adhesive-sealants and one part, ultra-fast curing, high strength, adhesive sealants. Other Popular Brand Sealants for Construction and Industry by Sonneborn, Pecora, Bostik, Schnee Morehead, Pacific Polymers and more. You will find other high performance, commercial grade sealants at Atlas Supply to meet your particular need whether it be for specification compliance, material compatibility or for any other application specific uses.

Hot Melt Adhesives

These popular hot melt adhesives offer the best economy and performance for both small and large production and assembly operations. For your convenience, they are available in all bulk-type forms, including in slats, pellets, granular, rope, and block. The general purpose adhesives include neoprene, nitrile rubber, synthetic resin and natural rubber-based adhesive formulas for a broad range of industrial bonding applications.

Precision Repair, High Performing Epoxy and Polyurethane Bonding Adhesives

For the designers and manufacturing engineers we offer a full range of high performing epoxies and polyurethane bonding adhesives with formulas targeted to meet the tough structural bonding needs of the OEM and general industrial manufacturing industries. Your Atlas Supply product specialist will help you select from a variety of bonding liquids, pastes, putties and super tack aerosols to meet your specific requirements.

Thread Locking and Repair Bonding Products

High technology, adhesive-impregnated, patching systems that, at room temperature, hardens to a tough, durable, waterproof finish in minutes. Easy-to-apply, fast-setting patching kits, general-purpose, low-viscosity, instant bonding cyanoacrylates for bonding rubber, plastic and metal substrates, these are excellent universal adhesives for many assembly operations. Threadlocking and retaining adhesives that prevent set screws, nuts and bolts from vibrating loose. For your quick in-shop repairs there is high performance epoxy and polyurethane adhesives in handy one-shot, job-size double pack packages designed for bonding on most all common substrates with ease and convenience. To ensure you get the right adhesive to meet your specific needs, talk to the product specialists at Atlas Supply. You will be able to select from Atlas Supply’s full line of complementary construction, industrial and general purpose adhesives, all designed for your specific application. These state-of-the-art adhesive materials are “application specific,” meaning that the various adhesive formulas have bonding characteristics that are designed for specific substrates and end uses. Choose from a wide variety of silicone, polyurethanes, polysulfide, butyl and latex sealants and caulks that fit virtually all sealant applications.


Glazing & Fenestration Products, Components, Tools, Equipment & Accessories

A full line of glazing and fenestration products, components, materials, tools, equipment and accessories are available at Atlas Supply. Ask one of our product specialists today, to make sure you get the right product for your glazing, IG, foam sealant & glazing tape needs.

Glazing & Fenestration Products

These products and materials include Neoprene setting blocks in standard or custom sizes, anti-walk blocks and weep baffles for safe and accurate glass and/or curtain wall placement. Mirror adhesives and edge sealers are easily applied at a wide range of temperatures, they fill gaps, are non-corrosive, remain flexible but firm and are ideal for a safe and accurate mirror installation. You will find weatherstriping and gaskets produced from polyurethane, high density urethane foam, vinyl nitrile sponge, open cell rubber, solid neoprene rubber and cork, all designed for a full range of applications. For safe, protected handling of glass panes and panels, you will find protection pads with special adhesive backing that will not affect painted or other delicate finishes. Hardware gaskets and shims that are designed to provide air and water tight seals around the base of most common window and door hardware, including latches, handles, keepers, etc. Window protection with a lightweight, low-cost, durable film as an effective alternative to tempered and safety glass. Door and window seals with every design configuration for every window and door weatherstriping application. You will find both the products and the application know how for your glazing and fenestration needs. These high performance silicone glazing sealants combine the best performance characteristics of both DOWSIL’s high and low modulus building sealants that demonstrate:

  • Unprimed adhesion to most common construction materials
  • A physical property profile that is strong enough for structural and non-structural glazing with sufficient movement capability for most weatherproofing applications
  • Excellent fire-resistant properties; long cure times for easy, convenient tooling
  • A low odor while curing
  • Excellent weathering, durability and recovery after extension and compression.

DOWSIL silicone insulating glass sealants come in one and two part formulas that exhibit excellent unprimed adhesion to uncoated glass, aluminum and galvanized steel, consistently non-slumping which permits automated glazing, excellent shelf life and easy tooling.

Glazing Accessories

Produced by Arlon, these closed-cell copolymer glazing tapes are coated on both sides with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for optimum compatibility to a variety of sash materials, including treated wood, vinyl and aluminum sash materials while the liner side is used to seal glass surfaces. You will find at Atlas Supply a full series of closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam tapes produced by industry leaders, Gaska and Norton, that cover the full range of construction, manufacturing, transportation and industrial applications. These polyvinyl tapes have density ranges from light to high densities with pressure sensitivity adhesion either on one or two sides. All standard and custom cut sizes and roll lengths are available at Atlas Supply.

Building Construction Sealants, Adhesives & Sealant Adhesives Manufacturers

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Chem Link Polymer Innovation
DOWSIL silicones by DOW
Pacific Polymers
Pecora Corporation
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