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AC•Tech focuses on a very narrow (but tricky!) part of the building construction process.

AC Tech manufactures above slab alkalinity and moisture vapor barrier products for decks, roofs and floors. Its products make the concrete slabs ready to receive adhesives, protective coatings, roofing assemblies and cementitious toppings. AC•Tech vapor reduction products protect building construction materials from alkalinity, elevated moisture vapor levels, soaked-in oil and chemical residues, or threats of pin holing.

AC Tech is that First Product Layer in a performance specification for a roof, floor, or protective coating system that meets ASTM and American Concrete Institute (ACI) Standards.

Vapor Reduction – 12-Hour Cure AC•Tech 2170™
Vapor Reduction – 4-Hour Fast Cure AC•Tech 2170 FC

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AC Tech 2170 Application
AC Tech

Last Modified: August 2, 2020