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GCP Applied Technologies (WR Grace Waterproofing)

GCP Applied Technologies (formerly Grace Construction Products) is a leader in the construction products industry. GCP’s products include: air and vapor barriers; roofing underlayments; self-adhered window, door and deck flashings; structural waterproofing systems (above and below grade) and fire protection systems.

Drainage and Protection Systems

Hydroduct® drainage composites give construction professionals a high performance, prefabricated drainage media that is designed to retain soil while allowing water to collect and pass through to its core, and away from your building. In addition, they provide lasting protection to the waterproofing membrane system.

Roofing Underlayment and Self-Adhered Flashing

The popular Grace Ice & Water Shield® is a sloped roof underlayment which provides a highly effective barrier against leakage resulting from ice dams or wind-driven rain. Similarly the GCP Vycor® self-adhesion flashing systems are the products of choice for sealing leaks around windows, doors, corner boards, sills or anywhere there is an opening or area susceptible to water, air and moisture penetration.

Sheet Applied Membranes

Waterproofing applications such as for foundation walls, plaza decks, parking and bridge decks, tunnels, interior slabs, planters, laboratories and mechanical rooms and balconies, the popular GCP BITUTHENE® membranes are applied to the positive side of structures to stop water before it hinders the structural elements of a building. For Blind Side waterproofing applications, Preprufe® Plus waterproofing membranes form a continuous mechanical bond to concrete that is cast against it. These membranes are installed against soil retention systems or applied over mud slabs or compacted soil before the concrete structure is poured. Applications include foundation walls, under slabs and tunnels.

Air & Vapor Barriers Perm-A-Barrier® Wall Membrane
Procor® Composite Waterproofing System
Perm-A-Barrier VPS
Self-Adhered Flashing & Underlayments Vycor Plus
Vycor V40
Grace Ice & Water Shield
Grace Ultra™
Pre-Applied Waterproofing Membranes BITUTHENE System 4000 (above grade)
BITUTHENE System 4000 (below grade)
BITUTHENE 3000 (above grade)
BITUTHENE 3000 (below grade)
Preprufe 160R Plus
Preprufe 300R Plus
Wall Membranes Perm-A-Barrier Wall Membrane
Above-Grade Fluid Applied Waterproofing Procor 10 Pourable Grade
Procor 20 Trowel Grade
Procor 75 Spray Grade
Drainage Composite & Protection Hydroduct 220
Hydroduct 660
Procor Composite Membrane

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings. Please call if you do not see what you are looking to find, (800) 347-5767.

GCP Applied Technologies
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