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Nomaco Construction Foam Products

Nomaco® construction foam products are designed for use in commercial, residential, municipal, civil and industrial projects:

  • HBR® Closed cell backer rod in continuous lengths of extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam used as a backing material for elastomeric and other cold applied sealants
  • HBR XL closed cell backer rod used with hot applied sealants
  • SOF® Rod backer rod of extruded polyolefin foam, with a nonabsorbent outer skin and a highly resilient interior network of open and closed cells, which does not out-gas when ruptured
  • Foam-Pak™ II open cell backer rod for basic Type-O, open cell sealant backing.
SOF Rod HBR / Nomaco SOF Rod
Open Cell Backer Rod OCFoam™
Closed Cell Backer Rod HBR
Cross-Linked Backer Rod HBR XL
Foam Control Joint Control Joint with tear strip
Foam Expansion Joint Expansion Joint
Flat Rod Fastflex™ (formerly Isoflex™ and Flat Rod)

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings. Please call if you do not see what you are looking to find, (800) 347-5767.

SOF Rod bi-cellular polyethylene foam backer rod product
OCFoam open-cell polyurethane foam backer rod that is used in window glazing
HBR XL cross-linked high temperature foam backer rod joint filler
HBR closed-cell, polyethylene foam backer rod joint filler

Last Modified: September 7, 2020