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De Neef® Waterproofing Injection Solutions

The De Neef portfolio provides waterproofing injection solutions that stop leaks under any circumstances and in any application – foundations, infrastructure and more.

Nobody plans for a leak, so when one occurs it usually represents a cost overrun and a setback for a construction project. The ability to stop a leak quickly and permanently in any part of a construction is therefore invaluable for contractors and owners.

De Neef CFL, Flex LV and Sealfoam products are Phthalate free, Unregulated for transport, Reformulated TDI free and environmentally friendly (PURe™).

Pipe Plug Kit De Neef Pipe Plug Kit™
Void Filling / Barrier Wall Grouting De Neef CFL PURe
Flexible Gasket Forming Injection De Neef Flex LV PURe
Flexible Closed Cell Foam Forming Polyurethane Resin De Neef Sealfoam PURe
Quick Expanding Grout De Neef HA Cut™ AF
Below Ground Structure / Water Retaining Structure Injection Solution De Neef Gelacryl Superflex™

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings. Please call if you do not see what you are looking to find, (800) 347-5767.

De Neef Pipe Plug Kit
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