BASF/MasterSeal (Sonneborn)

Manufactured by BASF (formerly Degussa), the MasterSeal® family of products include the MasterSeal® sealant systems, MasterSeal® waterproofing systems, MasterSeal® wall coating systems, MasterSeal® coating systems, and MasterKure® concrete repair systems.

Waterproofing MasterSeal HLM 5000
Dampproofing MasterSeal 610, 614, 615
Concrete Finishing MasterKure HD 200WB
MasterKure HD 300WB
Concrete Curing MasterKure
MasterKure CC 250SB
MasterKure CC 300SB
Joint Sealants MasterSeal NP 1 & NP2
MasterSeal SL 1 & SL2
MasterSeal NP 150
MasterSeal TX 1
MasterSeal CR 195
Traffic Coatings MasterSeal Traffic 1500
MasterSeal 658

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings.
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