2018 May SeaBEC Member Meeting

Speaker: Tonia Sorrel-Neal, Executive Director of the Masonry Institute of Washington

11:30-11:45 AM: Lunch & SeaBEC Business/Announcement
11:45 AM-1:00 PM: Speaker presentation, Masonry Systems – It’s Not a Traditional Wall Anymore

Masonry Systems – It’s Not a Traditional Wall Anymore

Masonry projects are a time-honored tradition in the Puget Sound market, with new projects going up from Everett, WA to Vancouver, BC. Masonry systems questions include:

  • Why exactly do so many developer, school districts, and private owners prefer masonry products?
  • What are all the varied options of masonry?
  • How many local manufacturers are there?
  • How does masonry help us meet so many sustainability goals and LEED points?
  • How does it compare to wood, steel and concrete?
  • Can I get one masonry contractor to do all of the facade elements such as waterproofing, insulation requirements, and tie options?
  • What are the fire ratings for masonry wall systems?
  • What is thermal mass?
  • How does it help energy use, and does reinforced masonry systems really stand up to severe earthquakes?
  • How should I be writing those masonry specifications?

Come learn more about masonry from masonry wall system experts at the Masonry Institute of Washington and get a chance to have your questions answered.

This presentation is pending 1 hour of AIA continuing education credits.

Refreshments: Joesph Joslin, Business Development Leader-West – Owens Corning

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