BASF Master Builder Solutions MasterSeal (Sonneborn)

Manufactured by BASF Construction Chemicals division (formerly Degussa Admixtures, Inc.), the Master® Builder Solutions brand of products includes the MasterSeal® waterproofing sealants, watertight deck membranes, and air/water-resistive barriers; and the MasterKure® curing agents for concrete.

Waterproofing MasterSeal HLM 5000 (Formerly: Sonoshield HLM 5000)
Dampproofing MasterSeal 610, 614, 615 (Formerly: Hydrocide 600, 700, 700B)
Concrete Finishing MasterKure HD 200WB (Formerly: Kure-N-Harden)
MasterKure HD 300WB (Formerly: Lapidolith)
Concrete Curing MasterKure
MasterKure CC 250SB (Formerly: Kure-N-Seal 25LV)
MasterKure CC 300SB (Formerly: Kure-N-Seal 30)
Joint Sealants MasterSeal NP 1 (Formerly: Sonolastic NP 1)
MasterSeal NP2 (Formerly: Sonolastic NP 2)
MasterSeal SL 1 (Formerly: Sonolastic SL 1)
MasterSeal SL 2 (Formerly: Sonolastic SL 2)
MasterSeal NP 150 (Formerly: Sonolastic 150 VLM)
MasterSeal TX 1 (Formerly: Sonolastic TX 1)
MasterSeal CR 195 (Formerly: Sonolastic Ultra)
Traffic Coatings MasterSeal Traffic 1500 (Formerly: Sonoguard)
MasterSeal 658 (Formerly: Tuf-Trac)

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings. Please call if you do not see what you are looking to find, (800) 347-5767.

Multi-Story concrete building under construction using Master Builder Solutions products
Master Builder Solutions
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