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Backer Rod & Expansion Joint Systems

You will find the right backer rod, expansion joint material or system at any of your local Atlas Supply Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, & Portland distribution centers. Whether your application is bridge, pavement, parking deck, or vertical concrete wall, there’s a full range engineered materials and systems to choose from. In addition, you will find state D.O.T. approved materials and systems with job-site training just for the asking at Atlas Supply. Whether it be for specification assistance, product selection, or for job-site training, Atlas Supply’s product specialists are there for you.

Backer Rod

Backer Rod & Joint Fillers

Nomaco HBR® Closed cell backer rod in continuous lengths of extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam used as a backing material for elastomeric and other cold applied sealants; HBR® -XL closed cell backer rod used with hot applied sealants; Sof-Rod™ backer rod of extruded polyolefin foam with a nonabsorbing outer skin and a highly resilient interior network of open and closed cells which does not out-gas when ruptured; and Foam-Pak™ II open cell backer rod for basic Type-O, open cell sealant backing.

Expansion Joint Systems

X.J.S. Expansion Joint Systems

Dow Corning’s revolutionary new X.J.S. Expansion Joint System used in Joint construction and rehabilitation. The X.J.S. Expansion Joint Systems is a revolutionary new concept in expansion joint construction and rehabilitation, combining a tough, wear-resistant polymer of expansion joint nosing and a rapid-curing, high movement silicone for joint sealing. This system is cold applied and is specifically designed to provide a watertight chemical resistant seal to accommodate high traffic load and remain pliable in cold and warm temperatures.

EMSEAL Expanding Foam Sealants

EMSEAL Expanding Foam Sealants

The EMSEAL products are economical, resilient, traffic-durable watertight seal for poured-in-pace intermediate level deck joints, perimeter joints, sidewalks, aprons, joints at utility rooms, parapets, below-grade foundation wall joints, etc. Emseal products consist of pre-compressed expanding foam sealant strips made of permanently elastic, high density, open-cell polyurethane foam, impregnated with polymer-improved acrylics, compressed to 25% of uncompressed dimension for easy installation. They also offer fire-rated wall and deck expansion joints. Whether your needs call for specifications assistance, job-site training, on-hand or on-site delivery, you will find it all at Atlas Supply.