BASF/MasterProtect (Thoro)

Manufactured by BASF (formerly Degussa), the MasterProtect® line of products include high-build acrylic coatings, elastomeric waterproof coatings, cement-based waterproof coatings (both for positive and negative side), concrete-repair patching compounds, concrete underlayments, plasters and stucco, and water repellents, water repellents, stains and paints, patching compounds.

Maintenance of Concrete MasterEmaco A 660
Concrete & Masonry Coating MasterProtect FL 749
Elastomeric Coating MasterProtect EL 750AA
Cementitious Waterproofing MasterSeal 582
Concrete Rehabilitation MasterEmaco N 426
Waterproof Coating MasterProtect C350

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings.
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