Stop leaks and stop mold with Protecto Wrap’s high quality self-adhering membranes. Protecto Wrap manufactures a full line of peel-n-stick membranes for sealing doors and windows; waterproofing foundations and decks; and creating air barriers for new construction applications. Ask about the Protecto Sill Drainage System, a flexible pan flashing system for vinyl and aluminum windows that carries a 15-year system warranty.

Air & Vapor Barriers Protecto Sill Drainage System
BT 25 XL Window & Door Sealing Tape
Flooring AFM Anti-Fracture Membrane
Whisper Mat CS & HW
Waterproofing Jiffy Seal 140 / 60
PW 100 / 60
Protecto Seal 45
Roofing Protecto Seal 45
Tile Flash XL
Energy Saving Products Dual Guard Threshold Tape
Triple Guard Energy Sill Sealer
Vortec Drainage Barrier
Accessories #100 VOC Primer
BT Primer
Protecto-Tak Spray Adhesive
JS 160H Mastic
Detail Tapes – JS500 & AFM 500 PSDS

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings.
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