Prosoco is a leading manufacturer of chemical cleaners, specialty stain removers, water repellents, graffiti control and other protective surface treatments used to clean, protect and maintain masonry, natural stone and concrete surfaces. Make sure your “construction cleandown” is accomplished in the most cost- effective and time-efficient way possible. Prosoco products, available at Atlas Supply Company, include solvents, cleaners, detergents, stain removers, all-surface cleaners, asphalt and tar removers, graffiti control, and more.

Air & Water Resistive Barriers

Prosoco, BEI announce high-tech weather-proofing partnership. Read more here. A fluid applied air and water-resistive barrier that stops air and water leakage through cavity wall, masonry veneer construction.

Liquid Applied Flashing R-GUARD Fast Flash (replaces Wet Flash PM-7000)
Weather Sealant R-GUARD Air Dam (replaces Wet Flash WS-7100)
Fiber Reinforced Fill Coat & Seam Treatment R-GUARD Joint & Seam Filler (replaces Wet-Flash FR-7200)
Emergency Water Stop & Liquid Fastener R-GUARD Emergency Water Stop (replaces Wet-Flash EWS-7300)
Window & Door Repair Material R-GUARD Window Repair (replaces Wet-Flash WR-7350)
Spray/Roll Applied Weather Barrier R-GUARD Cat-5 (replaces Wet-Flash SWB-7500)
Wet-Flash 18-Hour Stucco Primer R-GUARD StuccoPrime (replaces Wet-Flash SP-7700)
Protective Treatments – Graffiti Management Prosoco Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control II
Prosoco Sacrificial Coating SC-1
Prosoco Heavy Duty Paint Stripper
Restoration & Conservation – Water Repellants Prosoco Block-Guard & Graffiti Control II
Prosoco Siloxane PD
Protective Treatments – Graffiti Management Prosoco 2010 All Surface Cleaner
Prosoco Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner
Prosoco Light Duty Restoration Cleaner
Prosoco BioKlean
Prosoco Limestone & Masonry Afterwash

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings.
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