Silicone and Polyurethane Industrial & General Purpose Sealant Adhesives

For general purpose bonding and sealing in harsh industrial environments, choose from a wide range of single component silicone and polyurethane sealant adhesives. All are easy to apply with various cure times for your particular tooling and set-up requirements.

Hot Melt Adhesives

These popular hot melt adhesives offer the best economy and performance for both small and large production and assembly operations. For your convenience, they are available in all bulk-type forms, including in slats, pellets, granular, rope, and block. The general purpose adhesives include neoprene, nitrile rubber, synthetic resin and natural rubber-based adhesive formulas for a broad range of industrial bonding applications.

Precision Repair, High Performing Epoxy and Polyurethane Bonding Adhesives

For the designers and manufacturing engineers we offer a full range of high performing epoxies and polyurethane bonding adhesives with formulas targeted to meet the tough structural bonding needs of the OEM and general industrial manufacturing industries. Your Atlas Supply product specialist will help you select from a variety of bonding liquids, pastes, putties and super tack aerosols to meet your specific requirements.

Thread Locking and Repair Bonding Products

High technology, adhesive-impregnated, patching systems that, at room temperature, hardens to a tough, durable, waterproof finish in minutes. Easy-to-apply, fast-setting patching kits, general-purpose, low-viscosity, instant bonding cyanoacrylates for bonding rubber, plastic and metal substrates, these are excellent universal adhesives for many assembly operations. Threadlocking and retaining adhesives that prevent set screws, nuts and bolts from vibrating loose. For your quick in-shop repairs there’s high performance epoxy and polyurethane adhesives in handy one-shot, job-size double pack packages designed for bonding on most all common substrates with ease and convenience.

Specialty/Industrial Fluids, Compounds & Lubricants

Atlas Supply is your Northwest supplier of high performance specialty fluids, compounds and lubricating products designed for plant and building maintenance, equipment maintenance and Industrial Assembly. Look at Atlas Supply for release coatings, electrical insulating compounds, release compounds, valve lubricants, high vacuum greases, HVAC compounds, heat sinks compounds, extreme low and high bearing greases, o-ring lubricants, chemical resistant greases, chain and open gear lube, Molykote synthetic greases, anti-seize pastes, dry film lubricants, woodworking lubricants, Loctite, super lube lightweight oils and more.

Molykote Lubricants

Molykote mineral and synthetic blend hydraulic oils that minimize formation of emulsions in contact with water due to the purity of the base fluid. They will generally perform successfully in hydraulic systems far longer than conventional hydraulic oils. Plants can gain significant savings from reduced oil consumption, reduced disposal cost, labor savings and fewer interruptions to production. These non-toxic oils are derived from hydrocracked or synthetic base stocks and can be used in systems designed for low pour point or high flash point mineral oils. You will find a complete selection of Molykote compressor and pump fluids to choose from. These specialty fluids are formulated to meet or exceed the performance of all comparable OEM fill products. Molykote gearbox and chain lubricants offer greater resistance to oxidation and provide stable performance at high temperatures and under high loads. For multi-purpose oils, there are Molykote lubricants for a wide range of moving components in industrial systems. Note: Molykote lubricating fluids conform to USDA listing requirements under H-1 or H-2 designations and many are kosher approved. Call your Atlas Supply product specialist for details.

Specialty lubricants from Dow Corning

High-performance specialty lubricants that help reduce friction and wear, extend lubrication time and reduce maintenance and replacement costs in applications that would defeat conventional oils and greases. Formulated to withstand the rigors of heavy loads, dirty, dusty or chemically harsh environments, temperature and speed extremes, lubricants from Dow Corning are also ideal for normal service lubrication as well.

There are five classes of specialized lubricants from which to choose. Each class has a different physical form with properties that make it suitable for specific applications:

  • Compounds – Grease-like materials composed of silicone fluids and silica fillers. Used for their sealing, dielectric, non-metal-to-metal lubricating and release properties.
  • Greases – Solid to semisolid materials consisting of a lubricating fluid, thickening agent and additives. Used on rolling element bearings and other moving parts.
  • Pastes – Grease-like materials containing a very high percentage of solid lubricants. Used for assembly and lubrication of highly loaded, slow moving parts.
  • Anti-Friction Coatings – “Lubricating Paints”, when applied, these materials cure to form dry, solid lubricant coatings that are bonded to the surface.
  • Dispersions – Finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluids; preferred when it is necessary to apply solid lubricants in liquid form.

There is a wide variety of typical applications for fluids, compounds, and lubricants:

  • Specialized Lubricants – Rolling Element Bearings; Valves, Packings, Seals & O-Rings; Chain Drives; Threaded Connections; Power Screw Drives; Control Cables; Slides, Guides & Tracks; Gears; Plain Bearings, Bushings & Sleeves.
  • Compounds – Electrical Insulating; Release Compounds; Valve Lubricant-Sealant; High Performance Lubricant-Sealant; High Vacuum Grease; Dielectric Compound for High-Current Switches; HVIC Compound; Heat Sink Compound.
  • Greases – Multi-Purpose Metal-to-Metal; White E.P. Bearing Grease; Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease for Moderate Loads at High Speeds (especially for food-contact applications); Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease; High Performance Synthetic Grease (high speed, high loads and high temperature combinations); Chain and Open Gear Lube; Extreme Low Temperature Bearing Grease; High Temperature Bearing Grease; Extreme High Temperature Bearing Grease; O-Ring Lubricant; Long Life Bearing Grease; Chemical Resistant Bearing Grease; Chemical Resistant Valve Lubricant.
  • Pastes – High Temperature Anti-Seize Paste; Ultrapure High Temperature Paste; General Purpose White Paste; G-n Metal Assembly Paste/Spray; Part Assembly Paste; 321 Dry Film Lubricant.
  • Anti-Friction Coatings – Dry Film Lubricant (will not attract contaminants); Bonded Lubricant (water dilutable); Bonded Lubricant (high load-carrying capacity); Corrosion Protection Coating.
  • Dispersions – Dry Film Lubricant (for sliding contacts with aluminum and stainless); High Temperature Chain Lubricant; M Gear Oil Additive (reducing friction and lowering operating temperature in gearboxes); Pene-Lube Multi-purpose Penetrating Lubricant for Loosening Rusted Parts; Moly Pene-Lube (for improved disassembly and load handling); silicone Lubricant; silicone Release Spray; Metal Protective Coating (extremely resistant to corrosive or salty environments) Moly-Powder.
  • Fluids – Low-Temperature Lubrication; High-Temperature Lubrication; Heat Transfer Fluid; Lubricating in Harsh Environments; Release Agent for Plastics, Glues and other Elastomeric Products.


Moldmaking Materials & Plastic Tooling Systems

Atlas Supply is your Northwest supplier of moldmaking and plastic tooling systems consisting of epoxy, urethane and silicone surface coats; laminating, casting and moldmaking materials; modeling, metal forming and production fixture boards.

Dow Corning Silicone Moldmaking Materials

Easy to use in a variety of products for reproducing figurines, collectibles, jewelry, candles, and artifacts; to molding of prototypes, industrial tooling, and furniture; creating silicone rubber pads for transfer printing and robotics skins for animated creatures; to architectural fabrication.

Ren® Tooling Resin Systems by Huntsman

Special epoxies and polyurethanes with a broad range of physical and performance properties for tooling applications. Products include aluminum fillers, thickeners, room temperature and heat resistant surface coats, laminating systems, casting materials and room-temperature pastes.

Parts-in-Minutes® Polyurethanes by Huntsman

Polyurethanes for rapid prototyping and short part runs are low-viscosity systems designed for use with automated dispensing equipment and low cost tooling. With their extremely fast gel times, these materials permit de-molding of durable parts in as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

Pro-Cast® Polyurethanes by Huntsman

These fast setting polyurethanes are designed for casting durable tools and prototype parts. The polyurethanes are easy to mix and pour; gel in less than 10 minutes and can be de-molded in as little as 30 minutes. Mold and parts from these materials exhibit low shrinkage, excellent reproduction of detail and good abrasion resistance.

Ren:C:O-Thane® Polyurethanes and Polyureas by Huntsman

These systems are diverse, easy-to-handle materials that can be used for applications ranging from prototypes and parts, such as impellers, rollers and gears, to flexible mold, foundry patterns and core boxes. These materials feature a range of hardness levels, from an extremely soft, Shore 10A to a very hard, Shore 90D. Many systems exhibit outstanding tear strength, while others feature excellent toughness and resistance to impact and abrasion.

Polyboard™ Molding Boards by Huntsman

Material used by toolmakers, pattern shops and design engineers to CNC machine dimensionally stable, close tolerance models, patterns and tools. These are grain-free materials featuring high-quality surface finish and excellent edge definition, excellent machinability, low coefficient of thermal expansion and good resistance to moisture absorption.

Ren Shape™ Boards by Huntsman

New generation boards designed for building styling models, fixturing and duplicating aids, and foundry patterns as well as metal-forming dies, vacuum- forming molds, and nickel electroforming mandrels. These products share a number of performance characteristics including ease of machining, excellent dimensional stability, good edge definition and low dust generation for easy cleanup.

Devcon Compounds

Castable, non-shrinking compounds used for making rugged, flexible molds, forming dies, cast parts and non-scratching holding fixtures as well as abrasion-and noise-resistant linings and encapsulating parts. Includes a silicone-type liquid release agent that prevents epoxy and urethane compounds from sticking to patterns or mold surfaces and assures easy release.

Dow Corning

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