Avanti Chemical & Injectable Grouts are mainly used as a “finger in the dike” to stop active water leaks. These Avanti Grouts are available in a variety of different viscosities. Offering fifteen chemical grouts to choose from, these grouts are used primarily in water containment applications such as: sewer, manhole, reservoir, dams, and wastewater treatment facilities. Some products have NASF approval. Please check with your Atlas Supply product specialist for other products, equipment and accessories required for use with this product group.

Hydrophilic Foams AV-202 MultigroutAV-310 Hydro Sealant
AV-315 Micro Foam
AV-333 Injectaflex
AvantiGrout Product Guide – Hydrophilic Foams & Hydrophobic Foams
Hydrophilic Gels AV-350 Multi Gel
Hydrophobic Foams AV-248 FlexsealAV-275 Soilgrout
AV-280 Hydrofoam
AV-290 Fast Set
AvantiGrout Product Guide – Resin Injectors

*Chart NOT representative of ALL product offerings.
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